Why Newfoundation?

From the dawn of time, change has been a constant, shaping the world and its inhabitants. We learned to adapt and coexist with the natural environment, evolving with the ebb and flow of nature. As time progressed, so did the way of the people.

The advent of technology, a force of causation, emerged as a formidable ally. Humanity harnessed the power to mold the world to our desires, and the rise of science established technology as a great equalizer, promising transcendence from the clutches of change.

However, rapid technological advancements outpaced our biological, ethical and moral development, giving rise to molochs and leading to existential risks. Today, we face various interconnected, recursive and exponential catastrophic spirals, including pollution, multi-polar traps, coordination failures, incentive misalignments, information overload, all amplified by the AI meta arms race. These challenges, increasing in diversity, intensity and interconnectedness, have fractured the once-harmonious relationship between humankind and the natural world. Corporations and institutions driven by power, wealth and extraction, pursued their objectives heedlessly, exacerbating the harm inflicted upon the very world that sustained them.

To overcome these challenges and rebalance technological advancement with wisdom, Newfoundation unites thinkers, designers, builders, and creators to develop a multidisciplinary approach that combines technological wisdom, collective sense making and pluralistic coordination. Through game theory and collaborative innovation, we aim to address the pressing issues of our time.

At the heart of our ecosystem are Newcoin, IOSDK, and Newgraph. Newcoin – The Trust Layer – serves as a shared economic foundation for projects, brands, apps, and tools through mechanism design. Based on Proof-of-Creativity, a universal sybil proof mechanism, Newcoin connects the behaviors society values with a graph of certificates (Soulbound tokens) that shape a gamified metric for creative energy. The metric then defines permissions within an ecosystem of exponential technologies for creators.

IOSDK – The Experience Layer – is a human interface design framework enabling better coordination between humans, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence, forming positive feedback loops of meaningful interactions.

Newgraph – The Intelligence Layer – is a privacy-preserving machine intelligence designed to assist and amplify human coordination based on speech acts, enabling atomic capital allocation at scale and reinforcement learning based on data dignity.

By leveraging technology, we aim to undo and repair the harm inflicted on the planet and our society, promoting healing, peacemaking, and resilience. This involves creating new platforms and tools for efficient collective intelligence, fostering collaboration, and inclusive decision-making. By implementing value-based AI systems and promoting education and continuous learning, we help individuals navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Our vision is to cultivate a culture and infrastructure grounded in pluralistic coordination, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to collaborate effectively and transform creative energy into regenerative power. As stewards of the planet, we must embrace the challenge and seize the opportunity to create a future that honors the legacy of those who came before us and paves the way for future generations.

Together, with the power of Newfoundation, Newcoin, IOSDK, and Newgraph, we will chart a course toward a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous world for all, transcending the limitations of the past and embracing the boundless potential of a united humanity.
Apps & Games
Ethics & Safety
The economic layer, integrating DeFi, NFTs and identity
A vertically integrated wallet with social key recovery to onboard users and give them tokens based on their PowerUP reputation
A research centre for founders, creators and investors
A decentralised operating system for creativity
The block explorer for Newcoin protocol
A unified authentication platform for services on Newcoin
Web3 accelerator for fashion and culture
A regenerative NFT Market for fashion curated based on PowerUP reputation 
The intelligence layer, facilitating data exchange and processing
An open-source omnichain SDK based on widgets to build Newcoin apps within hours 
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Decentralized ~ We believe that the credible neutrality of blockchain technology can enable open, fair, and transparent trade of value in the general creative economy. We also believe in the power of decentralization to provide individuals with freedom to transact, which we see as a fundamental human right.

Inclusive ~ We strive to create a world where everyone has access to the same opportunities, regardless of their inherited attributes. We also prioritize education and knowledge accessibility as key components of our ecosystem expansion.

Sustainable ~ We are committed to using algorithms and automated market makers to regulate the price of our tokens in ways that connect price with value, forming an ever-sustainable economy. We also envision a general creative economy that works in harmony with nature and turns creative energy into regenerative energy.

Creative ~ New ideas will drive positive change in the world, and we are committed to advancing the general creative economy through human-centered design and the sharing of value signals in the form of credentials and transactional events.

Coordination ~ We are committed to building systems and infrastructure that support pluralistic coordination and enable people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to work together effectively to achieve positive change in the world.

Ownership ~ We value ownership and strive to enable self-sovereign identity, where each wallet owner has full privacy control, portability, and interoperability of their data. We also believe in the importance of distributed ownership of the network in the form of value and governance rights.

Technology ~ We use scientific principles and design thinking to build systems that enhance pluralistic creative value coordination at scale. We are focusing on developing software and methodologies that optimize for the pricing and distribution of creative value among all stakeholders in the value chain. Our web3 technology stack for NFTs and decentralised finance helps increase transaction opportunities, liquidity, and network effects among creative communities, enabling them to better coordinate in pursuit of their goals.

Economics ~ Through the formation of tokenized creative ecosystems, we provide creators with the tools and support they need to succeed and thrive in the digital economy. We are building more holistic and inclusive measures of value and social capital, forming an aspiration economy made of value signals, reputation and gamified financial mechanisms.

Culture ~ Culture is a key factor in shaping society and shaping individual and collective experiences. It is a way for people to express themselves and connect with others, and it can be a powerful force for positive change. Culture is the software that drives our lives; it enables collective sensemaking and proximity, while enabling the formation of recursive ripple effects in our  consciousness.

Consciousness ~ Through the practice of meta-cognition and positive intelligence, we can unleash the power of constructive coordination in building new foundations for society. We strive to cultivate gratitude in ourselves and in the communities we serve, towards a regenerative society rooted in our intimacy with nature and our awareness of the diversity of realities that we aim to reconcile with care.