Newgraph ~ The Intelligence Layer

Newgraph is an innovative framework that aims to collect and analyze contextual human feedback on generative outputs produced by both machines and humans. It functions as a universal feedback analytics graph, enabling the interconnection and coordination between various forms of generative intelligences such as foundational models, humans, humans using AI, and combined AI. By incorporating the Proof-of-Creativity (PoC) mechanism as a weighting factor, Newgraph ensures that feedback is Sybil-proof and enhances its relevance. The multi-tenant graph architecture integrates different levels of containerization, encryption, and permission, facilitating coordination towards exponential collective creativity. The decentralized and standardized nature of Newgraph has the potential to significantly impact how humans and machines interact and learn from each other.

✺ Universal Feedback Analytics Graph: Newgraph's design supports the seamless interconnection and coordination of various generative intelligences. This fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, aligning with IOSDK's accessibility principle and the New Economy's emphasis on equitable distribution of resources.

✺ Proof-of-Creativity (PoC): The PoC mechanism acts as a weighting factor to make feedback Sybil-proof and relevant, promoting a culture of collaboration and mutual support. This aligns with the New Economy's focus on anti-rivalrous behavior and cooperative models.

✺ Multi-Tenant Graph Architecture: By enabling multiple applications to coexist and interact within the same graph, Newgraph's multi-tenant architecture facilitates coordination towards exponential collective creativity. This resonates with IOSDK's functional integration principle and the New Economy's interconnectedness and flow dynamics principles.

✺ Decentralization and Standardization: Newgraph's decentralized and standardized approach ensures data integrity, security, and transparency while enabling seamless integration with various generative intelligence models. This aligns with IOSDK's emphasis on ownership and control over data, as well as the New Economy's focus on antifragility, coherence, and intrinsic motivation.

✺ Exponential Collective Creativity: Newgraph facilitates the deployment of the exponential network effect of data with the intent of generating new ideas and reaching consensus on regenerative practices, collective sense-making, and collective decision-making. This aligns with the New Economy's priorities of synergistic resource allocation, whole systems resilience, and comprehensive value accounting.